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Impact Scoping Third-Party Breaches

If you are concerned your organization may have been impacted by a third-party breach, contact us for help scoping the potential impact.

Be Proactive

Vorlon can quickly help you scope the impact of a third-party breach on your organization including:

  • Identifying secrets (access tokens, OAuth, etc.) in need of revocation/rotation
  • Discovering multi-use secrets with the third-party app in question
  • Enhancing log data with threat intelligence
  • Compliance violations involving sensitive data 

Third-party audit logs are hard to read and even harder to correlate. This complexity makes it hard to understand the full scope of the apps, their access secrets, and data flows affected by third-party breaches and security incidents.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you scope the impact of third-party breaches. Our team will work with you to set up a proof of value. Once connected to the third-party API you want to scope, Vorlon can provide you with immediate insights.

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