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Vorlon White Paper 10 Questions to Ask About API Activity

10 Questions to Ask About API Activity

This comprehensive paper delves into the critical practice of analyzing API logs, offering essential insights for security teams and anyone keen to understand the intricacies of API log data.

Through the examination of a sample API log, the document outlines ten pivotal questions designed to guide readers through the evaluation process. These questions are crafted to enhance your ability to discern patterns, identify potential security threats, and ensure the robustness of your API's security posture.

Whether you're a seasoned security professional or simply intrigued by the world of API logs, this paper equips you with the knowledge to conduct thorough and effective analyses.

Reduce Time to Detect & Remediate

Near Real-Time

Automatic detection of abnormal API behavior with your vendors.

SIEM Integrations

Remediate within Vorlon or push to your ITSM.

Real-time Risk Ratings

We all know SOC audits can be falsified; know for real in real-time.

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